Master Chief Just Had Sex For The First Time

Halo fans have had a wild ride watching the new TV show. Believe it or not, Master Chief just had sex.

The Halo series on Paramount+ has received very mixed reviews and a lot of negative criticism from fans. Some of those critiques are aimed at how the show has handled the main character, Master Chief.

Unlike the games, his helmet was taken off straight away in the first episode. He’s written very differently, and now he’s even having sex with one of the show’s new characters.


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Credit: Paramount

Master Chief Sex – Sweet, Sweet Lovin’

That’s right, Chief has a sex scene in the Halo show. Makee, a character who is loyal to the Covenant, falls for Chief after he shows kindness towards her. And this week, in episode 8, they hooked up and had sex – while Cortana watches.

As a Halo fan myself it’s weird as hell to see, and I’m not sure it really fits the Halo storyline. However, the show has been doing things very differently, so who knows. Maybe this is just what the viewers needed? Probably not.


Immediately after the sex scene, Makee turns against humanity again, leaving Chief alone. Oh well, at least he still has Cortana. Who knows where they’re gonna take the show next?

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Featured Image Credit: Paramount