Ubisoft Has Only Sold 15 NFTs In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The latest foray into NFTs from Ubisoft isn’t off to a great start – the publisher has only made 15 sales so far after launching the service last week.

Ubisoft is one of several gaming companies to launch headfirst into the world of NFTs. Starting with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, players can now earn the digital tokens in Ubisoft games and resell them using a new service called “Quartz“. The tokens are earned by spending time playing the Ubisoft shooter – it takes 600 hours of play time to unlock the most coveted ones. At the time of writing, no one has managed to achieve this yet.

There are some less valuable NFTs that players can earn in the form of an M4A1 weapon skin. However, Ubisoft has only seen 15 sales of these items since the service launched a few weeks ago. As reported by Eurogamer, the total amount of money exchanged for these tokens is approximately $1755.30. Business isn’t exactly booming.


It’s still early days for the introduction of NFTs into the world of gaming. However, players are already making it clear that the feature isn’t exactly welcome. GSC Game World recently announced, and swiftly revoked, the inclusion of NFTs in the upcoming Stalker 2 game. If NFTs truly are here to stay in the world of gaming, we’re yet to see an implementation that gamers can truly appreciate.

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[Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft]