Stranger Things Quiz: Test Your Knowledge On The Hit Netflix Series

The fourth season of Stranger Things has just dropped with fans getting back in touch with their fan favourite 80s characters. But how well do you actually know Stranger Things? Take our handy Stranger Things quick quiz to find out…

Let’s lay down a few ground rules. There are ten questions for you to answer, all of which relate to the first three seasons of Stranger Things. Get prepare to cast your mind way back to when you first watched the show back in 2016 – some of these are quite tricky! And remember, no googling! Good luck.

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Done with the Stranger Things Quiz? Here’s some more news…

Elsewhere in the realm of Stranger Things, Season 4 has just released, but the episodes are structured a little differently. While most TV shows would usually be around an hour in length, some Season 4 episodes are over two hours long. That’s longer than most movies!

Meanwhile, those who have watched Season 4 of Stranger Things are convinced that Will Byers might be gay. It’s after a few lines of dialogue from Will that seem to indicate he has feelings for another member of the group. The actor has also dropped a few hints in a recent interview that hint at Will Byers’ sexuality.


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Featured Image Credit: Netflix