Shiny Binacle Pokemon GO – A Complete Guide

The Season of Alola is hosting the return of the Pokemon GO Water Festival in 2022, which means some new Pokemon are appearing alongside special legendary raids, including a Shiny Binacle Pokemon GO introduction.

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Shiny Binacle Pokemon GO

We’ve always got our reader’s backs with guides here at GameByte, so let’s cover everything one needs to know about the Shiny Binacle Pokemon GO debut:


General Information – Shiny Binacle Pokemon GO

Pokemon TypeRock/Water
VulnerabilitiesGrass: 256% Extra Damage
Fighting/Ground/Electric: 160% Extra Damage
ResistancesNormal/Flying/Poison/Ice: 63% Reduced Damage
Fire: 39% Reduced Damage
EvolutionBinacle evolves into Barbaracle for 50 candies

Statistics – Shiny Binacle Pokemon GO

Base Attack96
Base Defense120
Base Stamina123
Max HP109 (Level 40)
Base Capture Rate20%
Base Flee Rate10%
Buddy Walk Distance3km

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Max CP – Shiny Binacle Pokemon GO

Level 15 (Research Encounters)405
Level 20 (Max Hatched and Raids)540
Level 30 (Max Wild)811
Level 40946

Max CP (Weather Boost)

Level 25 (Raids)675
Level 35 (Wild)878
Credit: Niantic

Best Moveset (Offensive)

Mud-Slap (Ground)12.9 DPS
Ancient Power (Ground)24 DPS

Best Moveset (Defensive)

Mud-Slap (Ground)12.9 DPS
Ancient Power (Ground)24 DPS

All Quick Moves

Scratch (Normal)12 DPS
Mud-Slap (Ground)12.9 DPS

All Main Moves

Dig (Ground)21.3 DPS
Cross Chop (Fighting)33.3 DPS
Ancient Power (Ground)24 DPS

Top Five Counter Pokemon And Movesets

PokemonQuick MoveMain Move
ZarudeVine Whip (Grass)Power Whip (Grass)
RoseradeRazor Leaf (Grass)Solar Beam (Grass)
RoseradeRazor Leaf (Grass)Grass Knot (Grass)
RillaboomRazor Leaf (Grass)Grass Knot (Grass)
Tapu BuluBullet Seed (Grass)Grass Knot (Grass)

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Featured Image Credit: Niantic/FragHero