xQc Net Worth

xQc Admits To Losing $2 Million To Gambling Last Month

Félix “xQc” Lengyel has admitted to losing two million dollars while gambling last month. The streamer has been one of Twitch’s biggest stars for years. In a recent podcast with Pokimane, xQc talked about gambling and how much he has spent on it. While discussing a poker tournament, he said “It’s fun, I can afford … Read more

Twitch Is Reportedly Cutting Top Streamer’s Pay To Increase Profits

A new report by Bloomberg suggests that Twitch will be cutting streamer’s pay to increase its own profits later this summer. The site is reportedly cutting top streamers share of subscriptions from 70% to 50%. Smaller streamers already had the smaller cut, but now it will apparently apply to all streamers regardless of how big … Read more

Ninja Rebrand

Ninja Announces Rebrand As Fans Tear New Logo To Shreds

Ninja has announced a full rebrand of his streaming materials, and fans are tearing them all to shreds. When it comes to streamers, they don’t get much bigger than Ninja. After quickly rising to fame during the Fortnite era, he has since settled on Twitch as his streaming platform of choice. This was after a … Read more

Amouranth Only Fans

Amouranth Reveals Monthly OnlyFans Earnings Despite Quitting Adult Content

Amouranth has revealed just how much she earns from OnlyFans every month, despite recently announcing that she’s quitting adult content for good. The Twitch star is known for making big business moves outside of her Twitch career. For a full breakdown of her net worth, we’ve written up a handy article for you. TLDR; Amouranth … Read more

Credit: Activision

This 15-Year-Old Streamer Throws A Rave Every Time They Get A Kill

We all like to celebrate when we get a kill, but this Twitch streamer has taken it all the way to the next level by throwing a rave with every kill [via GamingBible]. The streamer is Crossmauz from Germany. His setup allows him to control pyrotechnics, laser lights, dance music and more from his desk. … Read more

xQc Pokimane Podcast

Pokimane And xQc Might Be Starting A Podcast Together

xQc and Pokimane may be doing a podcast together, if social media posts are to be believed [via GGRecon] Both personalities are massive streamers on Twitch, as xQc has 10.4 million followers on Twitch and Pokimane has nine million followers. Both are known worldwide, so it’s no surprise that they’re planning on working together to … Read more