Halo Infinite Event Schedule

Halo Infinite Event Schedule | Season 2

After a rocky start for Halo fans, the Halo Infinite event schedule for season 2 is now live, packed with content. They’ll also be a new battle pass for players to work through that has a plethora of earnable rewards. Players can already experience season 2s events and features as of May 3rd, such as … Read more

Angry Joe Threatens To Sue CBS Over Halo Show Review Claims

Angry Joe has threatened to take CBS to court over the takedowns of his Halo TV show review videos. Game reviewer Angry Joe has been trying to upload his review of the new Halo TV show on YouTube. However, he says CBS has issued multiple claims against his videos each time he tried to upload … Read more

Master Chief Butt

Halo TV Show Reveals What Master Chief’s Butt Looks Like

The Halo TV show has answered an ancient and an age old question – what on earth does Master Chief’s butt look like? Click here to read more about Halo! If you’ve ever pondered such question, then you’re in luck. Episode 2 of the Halo TV series on Paramount has given us a fully-nude shot … Read more

The Blessed One Halo

Halo TV Series Episode 1 Is Available To Watch For Free – Here’s How

The entire first episode of the Halo TV series is currently available to watch for free. The first episode of the Halo adaptation broke Paramount+ records, becoming the most-watched Paramount+ show in the first 24 hours of upload. It’s unknown how many people exactly watched the show, but the previous record holder was 4.9 million … Read more

Elon Musk Gives His Opinion On Elden Ring, Halo Infinite, And Cyberpunk

Elon Musk has given his opinion on the latest releases in the video game world, with his opinions now public on Elden Ring, Halo Infinite, Terminator: Resistance and Cyberpunk 2077. Elon Musk was asked what his favourite game right now and responded with: “I suppose it would be Elden Ring. Finished Halo Infinite on legendary … Read more

The Blessed One Halo

The Blessed One Halo TV Show – Is This Canon?

The Blessed One Halo is the name given to both Master Chief (John 117) and the Covenant’s mysterious human asset Makee. We know that the Halo TV series is straying away from its roots as far as canon and sticking to the games are concerned, but how much inspiration has been taken from the games? … Read more